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  • Keeping reliable, accurate statistics for all FUNGO home games with the Gamechanger app

  • Alongside the General Manager, statistician will be responsible for editing finished-game files should there be changes needed, as well as assisting in ruling on any appeals

  • Communicate with management and opponent’s official scorer to help answer questions/troubleshoot, as well as ensure they are scoring the games correctly (including game information like first pitch, game duration, attendance, umpires, etc.). Where necessary, may have to edit game files from the night before to update them with missing information

  • Assistance with Players of the Game selections

  • Communicating pregame with opponent’s officials to gather accurate opponent information – obtaining and inputting opponent’s lineup and player information


  • Knowledgeable of baseball stats and how the game of baseball works

  • Self-motivated, organized, and detail-oriented

  • Strong professional attitude

  • Strong verbal and written communication skills

  • Experience with the “GameChanger” app preferred but not necessary.        

This position will serve as the team’s statistician for all home games during the 2023 season (June -July). Alongside team officials, the statistician will be responsible for accurately scoring games and editing game files (should there be any changes needed). Further, statistician will review box scores to select the Lines of the Night (hitter and pitcher) for FUNGO on a home game basis. Lastly, statistician will be in charge of tracking player stat lines throughout the season and communicating anomalous lines with the social media team. We don’t expect the statistician to be a “pro” or perfect - there will be plenty of help surrounding this position!

Pay Rate: $10/hr

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